Mandriva and Novatice Technologies present Edutice, The ready to use solution dedicated to educationand multimedia spaces

Edutice enables work spaces to be automatically deployed on schoolroom, archive centre or library computers.

Mandriva, the leading European Linux publisher, and Novatice Technologies, are developing in partnership information technology solutions to permit the management and dynamic creation of work environments.

The Edutice solution has been put together to adress the specific demand of schools and universities: to facilitate the management of their IT services and their digital welcome structures.
Mandriva and Novatice Technologies have joined together to propose a ready to use solution to teachers facilitating the management of their IT set-up and encouraging the use of Information and Communication Technologies.

Edutice enables teachers to configure a class or a work station in just a few clicks. The configurations can be prepared in advance or stored on a USB device.
The solution integrates the latest software enabling users to fully exploit the various options: office, multimedia, Internet, electronic mail messages, ... as well as educational games.

« Because of the many problems linked to use by the general public (deconfiguration, work environments, insecurity linked to Internet use, work stations unadapted to the user) we have developed Edutice to simplify and secure access. Thanks to Edutice, teachers and multimedia space heads can finally commit themselves fully to Information and Communication Technology use and not the technical problems», said Novatice Technologies President Christophe Terrassoux.

«Edutice was born out of the successful collaboration between Mandriva and Novatice Technologies. This work led to the development of an innovative solution based on free software meeting the needs of all IT users, » added Aurélien Goll, head of Mandriva’s Training and Education department.

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