Mandriva Flash 2008 Spring

The mobile Linux desktop on a USB key


Mandriva Flash 2008 Spring is a complete mobile 3D desktop on a 8GB USB key. Mandriva Flash 2008 Spring is the first Linux USB Key on the market. Plug in the key, take your Linux system everywhere with you, save and exchange your data in more than 6 GB of free space. Linux becomes easier than ever. Mandriva exclusive migration tool makes it easy to import your documents and settings from Windows to Mandriva.

As well as booting a full Mandriva environment from the Flash, you can plug in the Flash to a system running Windows, then use Windows versions of Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird with your bookmarks and emails from your Flash system!

You like your new environment ? Install it on your personal computer in a few clicks. It's easy and secure !

Impress your friends and reveal the true possibilities of their system by plugging in your Mandriva Flash desktop. With its advanced hardware detection and fine tuning of all the latest 3D technologies, Mandriva Flash will choose the best options for you. See the 3D rotating cube to change your workspaces, add a wobbly effect when you move your windows, or enjoy smooth transitions when a new window appears on your screen.

A 3D desktop in your pocket !

Mandriva is not only fast and small: with it you can transform a PC in an impressive 3D desktop with lots of animations and effects.

Take all benefit of Mandriva experience: we provide you all results of efforts we made to improve your Linux experience in an easy and secure way<br><br> In a few clics, your personal computer will provide you all brand new features of Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring. Your hardware will be detected and configured for your network connections, your printers...

Install Mandriva in a few clics !

You like your Linux environement, install it on your personal computer. You will be able to get back this environment in a few clics and also personnalised as you wish.

Offer Linux to the one you love

Protect your family and friends from viruses and malware, offer them freedom of choice and the desktop of the future in a small, high-quality USB key.

Discover Linux in a Flash

Test-drive a real Linux desktop, save your documents and settings on the key – no need to install anything on your hard drive.

Customer Support FAQ

How can I boot Mandriva Flash?

Most recent BIOS allow your computer to boot on USB devices.

How do I boot Mandriva Flash if my computer can not boot from USB?

Mandriva Flash provides you a bootables CD. A small bootable CD-ROM image is also present on the shared partition of the Mandriva Flash USB key. It is only 3MB, so it can be burnt on a credit-card sized CD-ROM. You can then make your computer boot on this CD-ROM (and make sure your Mandriva Flash USB key is plugged), it will automatically use the Mandriva Flash USB key. Once Mandriva Flash is booted, you can eject the CD-ROM.

What do I do if I accidentally crash my USB key?

The Mandriva Flash product comes with one month of Mandriva support, please contact us if you experience some problems.

For owners of the Mandriva Flash, Mandriva has developed a utility CD which will allow you to do several maintenance / repair operations on the Mandriva Flash.

The rescue CD enables customers to:

  • reset the root or user password
  • make a backup of the Flash
  • restore from any of the last ten backups
  • test the USB key for errors
  • restore the Flash to factory settings

You can download the Mandriva Flash Rescue CD (MD5SUM to check your download) and restore your Mandriva Flash. And read the Mandriva Flash README.

Hardware Requirements

  • CPU: all Pentium, Celeron, Athlon, Duron, Sempron processors
  • RAM: 256MB minimum, 512MB recommended
  • Graphic cards: NVIDIA®, ATI™, Intel® i8xx and i9xx
  • Sound cards: all Sound Blaster compatible cards and AC97
  • CD-ROM Burner or USB-bootable BIOS