Contribute to Mandriva

It's easy to get involved in Mandriva in many different ways. You can help to improve not just Mandriva Linux but Linux in general, and get the great feeling that comes with contributing to a community and knowing that your contribution is valued and your voice is heard.


Help to build Mandriva Linux

The most direct way to contribute to Mandriva Linux is to get involved with development. Mandriva Linux development takes place in a special edition of the distribution called Cooker. Community volunteers, as well as Mandriva employees, are able to contribute new and updated packages to Cooker, and to work on Mandriva's own tools such as the installer and the Mandriva Control Center. For more information on how Cooker and the Mandriva development process in general works, guides on creating packages for Mandriva Linux, and how to start the process of becoming an approved contributor, visit the Wiki link below.


Mandriva has always been proud of offering its products in a huge range of languages. This is possible thanks to the help of the translation community, who volunteer their time to translate the Mandriva installer and other tools, the Mandriva websites and various other components into their native languages. We're always looking for speakers of languages other than English to help translate Mandriva Linux into their languages. For information on how to help with Mandriva translation, visit the links below.


Help to find and fix bugs

Finding and fixing bugs is one of the most vital development tasks in any software project. You can help with Mandriva development by finding bugs in Mandriva Linux and reporting them to the Mandriva Bugzilla. Advanced (and adventurous!) users can run the Cooker development distribution and report bugs in it, to directly help the development of the next edition of Mandriva Linux. You can also help with bug management in Mandriva by joining the Bug Squad, a group of volunteers who help the Mandriva developers by managing Bugzilla reports.

Spread the word

If you're a happy Mandriva Linux user, don't keep it to yourself! There are many ways to help spread the word about Mandriva Linux. Write about Mandriva on your personal blog or website - review the latest edition, post a favorite tip or trick, or just write about the latest Mandriva news. Submit Mandriva news to community sites like OS News, Linux Today and Slashdot. You can also help by sharing Mandriva Linux with other users - give One CDs to your friends, or give them away at your local LUG (Linux User Group) meeting.