Classmate PC with Mandriva Linux


Mandriva Linux on the Intel-powered classmate PC is for people who want to influence a shift toward global digital inclusion.

Mandriva has constantly sought to change the world with open source software for the digital forgotten. The compelling combination of Mandriva and the classmate PC is a low cost, open and powerful answer for the needs of the digital divide.

The classmate PC features a 2GB NAND-Flash using Mandriva Linux Flash Technology, which is enhanced to benefit from faster application load times using compressed modular software stacks and Flash-optimized file system

Mandriva supports and integrates the classmate PC project by creating an easy to use interface and working with local software vendors and educational content providers to provide innovative tools and content that enable education initiatives to reach more students in more regions more effectively.

Mandriva Linux the Global Linux Solution for the classmate PC

Mandriva Linux for the classmate PC is a specialized version of Mandriva Linux operating system designed to meet the unique space and educational requirements for the classmate PC audience. The complete Mandriva Linux operating system and applications is 1GB, providing sufficient space for user data on the classmate PC. The Mandriva Linux classmate PC interface has been optimized for new users by combining commonly used terms, and easy to comprehend icons. Viewing the icons, or quickly reading descriptions, such as Web Browser or Spreadsheet the user has several visual cues making the learning and using experience with the classmate PC pleasant and successful.

Mandriva Linux for the classmate PC has three groups of icons on the desktop: Internet, Office and Multimedia. The Internet table contains a quick link for the instant messenger, email client and web browser. The table of office applications includes the writer, spreadsheet, presentations and a .pdf viewer. The multimedia table includes a sound mixer, multimedia player and a sound recorder for use with recording voice notes or comments.

Mandriva Linux on the classmate PC

For deployment, Mandriva has created two easy install images.

  • Mandriva Linux open source image for the classmate PC.
  • Mandriva Linux image with BlueLab Teacher Control Software.

teacher control software provides for collaboration between the teacher and the student, and provides the teacher with the ability to take control over the students' classmate PCs to push the educational material directly to the student as well as monitoring the students' activities on his/her the classmate PC.

Mandriva's Included Features with the classmate PC

Every classmate PC for Mandriva Linux includes:

  • Intel-powered classmate PC hardware and the Intel Pegasus NoteTaker for Mandriva Linux;
  • Mandriva OS optimized and validated for the classmate PC;
  • BlueLab teacher control software;
  • Intel Theft Control for Mandriva Linux;
  • Parent Policy control;
  • OpenOffice (Writer, Spreadsheet, Presentations);
  • Multimedia (Mixer, Player and Recorder);
  • Web Browser (Mozilla Firefox), Email Client and Instant Messaging applications;
  • Each unit is provided 3 months access to the e-training for end-users;
  • Access to the Mandriva Club
  • Manual: Mandriva Linux for the classmate PC (PDF format) for end-users;
  • Web access to Education specific software such as;
  • Mandriva support assisting independent software vendors to test and validate their software with Mandriva Linux;
  • One year of free software updates;
  • Web support incidents for the Mandriva operating system;
  • Dedicated global classmate PC team to respond to customer issues; and
  • Optional local Linux Professional Institute training provided by Mandriva.
  • classmatePC Hardware Specifications

    Chassis Customized Mini Chassis 245 x 196 x 44
    Processor Intel Mobile Processor ULV 900 MHz, Zero L2 cache, 400 MHz FSB
    Chipset Intel 915GMS + ICH6-M
    Memory DDR-II 256M SO-DIMM
    LCD 7" 800 x 480, LVDS Interface, LED B/L
    Storage Device 1GB/2GB NAND Flash
    Audio Stereo 2 Channel Audio, Built-in Speakers and Microphone, Jack for External Output and Microphone Input
    LAN/WAN 10/100 Ethernet + WLAN 802.11 b/g with Antenna
    Keyboard Integrated Keyboard with Hot Keys
    Touch Pad Cycle Touch Pad with Left and Right Buttons
    Digital Pen (optional) Wireless Pen to take digital notes
    TPM TPM1.2
    Power Solution Battery with Adapter - 6 Cells, approximately 4 hours Usage
    Weight Less than 1.3kg (approx. 2.86 lbs.)
    Operating System Mandriva Linux 2007 - classmate PC Edition

    Mandriva Technology Partners and Solutions

    • Intel: Mandriva maintains a strategic alliance level with Intel beginning in 2005.
    • Chipset vendors: ATI, Nvidia, SIS, Adaptec, and others
    • Desktop ISVs: Mandriva provides a large catalog of educational and desktop applications that have been validated and are in the on-line repositories and are ready-to-install
    • OEM Enterprise Tools for the Mastering Process
    • End-user Support and Self-Care Tools

    More Information

    For more information on the classmate PC, please contact
    or your local Intel representative