Mandriva training offer

Ever since the proprietary and monopolistic concept was first called into question, the Linux movement has been on the rise within the computer industry.

This phenomenon led to the progressive adoption of Open Source solutions notably by companies and public administrations. Now, the installation, administration and maintenance of these solutions require skills that you can acquire during training sessions and/or validate by passing certification exams.

Mandriva set up training programs to adress these needs. Trainees of all levels will find the training sessions that fit their objectives. Moreover, all the proposed programs can be applied to all existing Linux distributions and they are a excellent way to get prepared for the globaly recognized LPI (Linux Professional Institue) certification.

These training courses are especially flexible and they target employees as well as individuals or administrators. They can also take place in various place: in approved centers, in Mandriva's training rooms or even in the premises of the companies interested by Mandriva's training programs. It is finally possible to choose between training sessions in the presence of a trainer or on-line sessions whenever it's convenient to you.

For further information on Mandriva Linux Training, contact us : training_AT_mandriva_DOT_com