Pulse 2.0 : The industry-leading and Open Source technology for large Windows and Linux desktop roll-out projects.

Pulse : software deployment module


The industry-leading and Open Source technology for large Windows and Linux desktop roll-out projects.

A quick return on investment
Mandriva Pulse 2.0 reduces the administration and management costs in the management of your information system. Pulse 2.0 includes a set of tools that automate the management of workstations, mobile computers and servers.

Managing your heterogeneous environment
Mandriva Pulse supports many Windows, Linux and UNIX operating systems, observes and records your choices, and quickens your migration projects.

Always secure
Mandriva Pulse 2.0 helps you set up secure and reliable user environments by automating roll-outs, maintenance and update processes. Pulse is furthermore able to detect gaps between the current features and pre-established security policies. It identifies instability risks and security faults before problems occur.

Your IT management strategy is implemented to the letter
Mandriva Pulse 2.0 reduces the complexity of your IT infrastructure by automating the implementation of the organization you define and then dynamically managing that implementation.

Pulse 2.0 FAQ

I administer computers running various operating systems (Windows, Linux, Unix). What help can I get from Pulse 2.0?
Mandriva Pulse 2.0 help you roll-out Windows or Linux operating systems to workstations and servers. Pulse 2.0 maintains a software and hardware inventory of each computer in its database. All software installed in the profile may be automatically updated, including security updates. Thanks to bandwidth management mechanisms and a modular architecture, Pulse 2.0 fits the needs of multi-site IT infrastructures.

Can Pulse 2.0 help me industrialize my desktop roll-out and IT management processes?
Mandriva Pulse 2.0 performs identical installations and updates while reducing the workload of the computer teams. Administrators using both Mandriva Pulse 2.0 and Directory Server will be able to easily manage the rights of users and to assign them profiles that will be activated when connecting to general-purpose workstations.

How many computers can Pulse 2.0 administer?
Pulse 2.0 was designed to administer up to tens of thousands of desktops or servers.

Is Pulse 2.0 easy to incorporate into a network?
Pulse 2.0 is genuinely easy to implement in a corporate network thanks to its modularity and the use of standards. Pulse 2.0 additionally integrates with other tools like OCS Inventory, GLPI or Nagios is also possible.

How can I test Pulse 2.0?
The easiest way to test Pulse is to download the test version which is available in the form of a ready-to-use VMware image. To access the download area, please contact us at "sales at mandriva dot com"

Where can I get more information?
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