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Security lists

Security holes are fixed as soon as possible when they are discovered. Most packages can easily be upgraded just by running "MandrivaUpdate'' regularly.

  • security-announce@mandrivalinux.org: a read-only list that receives security and bugfix advisories.

  • security-discuss@mandrivalinux.org: a mailing list for the discussion of security issues.

  • security-firewall@mandrivalinux.org: a mailing list for the discussion of the MNF product line.

In order to subscribe to one of these lists, please send "subscribe security-announce" or "subscribe security-discuss" or "subscribe security-firewall" in the body of a message to sympa@mandrivalinux.org.

To keep your system up to date with the latest security advisories, you should subscribe at least to the security-announce mailing list, or subscribe to the automatic security manager Mandrivaonline.